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TradeYourMark® gives brands a second life.

TradeYourMark® offers an innovative approach by giving a second life to registered trademarks. We help trademark owners sell dormant trademarks or trademarks they no longer want to use. At the same time, we help companies who wish to buy immediately available trademarks.

Our upcyclingapproach is a win-win for trademark owners and companies who want to launch new brands. We create value for trademark owners by helping them sell redundant immaterial assets which produce no return. We create opportunities for companies looking for new trademarks and address the issue of cluttered trademark registers. We also contribute to the revival of trademarks which have been famous in the past but have now disapperared.

Buy a trademark

  • Simplicity and security

  • Controlled costs

  • Brand image and recognition

  • Accelerate the legal process and make it safer

Companies can invest a lot of time and money to create an ideal brand. It must then be registered and difficulties often arise at this stage. First of all, the trademark might not be available. The Trademark Office may also raise objections. In some cases, holders of more or less similar trademarks registered earlier may file oppositions. All these difficulties disappear when a company buys an already registered trademark.

  • Reduce costs

Companies can incur significant expenses to create a trademark. In addition to internal marketing and legal costs, companies often use marketing or naming agencies as well as legal advisers. Companies can have a better control of their costs and might reduce them by purchasing a registered trademark. We offer numerous trademarks registered and immediately available for sale. Depending on your budget, you can find trademarks in our catalogue from 4,000 euros.

  • Build on the history and reputation of a disappeared brand

Some brands are successfully exploited but then disappear for various reasons. The company which exploited the brands can change strategy and abandon them. Sometimes, mergers lead to some brands disappearing. Finally, some companies may face financial difficulties and go into bankruptcy without the brands being taken over. A company buying a disappeared brand can build on its history and image. It can tell a story about the brand longevity. It can also capitalise on its image and on customers’ nostalgia. These are powerful elements for the successful relaunch of the brand.

We contribute to the revival of « sleeping beauties ». These are brands that have been emblematic in the past but have now disappeared. when a company buys an iconic brand, it benefits from an immediate regognition. The buyer can capitalise on the longevity and history of the brand. It benefits from its image and from a nostagia effect.

This is a strong trend in the fashion and fashion accessories sector. But it happens more and more frequently in other sectors, such as food or hygiene products. 2023 saw the relaunch of iconic brands such as Nylor glasses, Bonux laundry detergent, or Merveilles du Monde chocolate.

TradeYourMark® is very active in this sector. In 2023. we assisted a company in the acquisition of the famous Armand Ventilo brand. We are currently assisting clients who want to buy sleeping beauties for personal hygiene products, liquors and the textile industry.

Sell a trademark

  • Rationalisation

  • Monetisation

  • Rationalise the management of a portfolio of trademarks

After registering a trademark, its owner must of course exploit it in the classes for which the trademark is registered. The legal department must also monitor new trademark registrations and defend the company’s trademarks if newly registered trademarks are too similar or might create confusion for customers. The company must also make sure that its trademarks are not used by other companies. Finally, companies have to re-register the trademarks they still plan to use when they expire. This can be a lot of work for small companies and even more so for companies that have portfolios of tens or hundreds of trademarks. If a company decides that a brand is no longer strategic, it may therefore be better to sell it.

  • Monetise intangible assets

A registered trademark is an intangible asset that has value. If a trademark has remained dormant, it can have a value for a company wishing to launch a new product or a new service in the same sector. When the trademark is exploited, its value depends on the sector, the turnover and its image and reputation. And even if the brand has gone bankrupt, it can have a high value for a buyer who has a plan to relaunch it, The buyer will be able to capitalise on its history and image.

How can TradeYourMark® help you?

TradeYourMark® brings to its clients its expertise in the field of intellectual property and an innovative approach. We have built a unique base of registered trademarks available for sale. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services from the start of the project to the legal agreement finalising the transaction. We can therefore optimise the search of trademarks and monetise portfolios of registered trademarks.

  • For buyers: TradeYourMark® has created a large database of registered trademarks available for sale. We have done it, by developing an algorithm combining numerous sources to identify dormant brands. We also have mandates from clients to sell the trademarks they no longer can or want to exploit. We have a flexible approach to meet the needs of our clients. We therefore also carry out tailor-made research for specific projects, for example the search for a sleeping beauty.

  • For sellers: we give sellers an estimate of the value of their trademark based on ISO 10668 and 20671 standards and our experience. We define with them a commercial approach and the sales pitch for their brand. We negotiate with potential buyers within the limits of the mandate given by the seller.

  • We support our clients until an agreement is reached on an offer to purchase or sell their brand. We draft a legal Sale and Purchase offer and follow the process until both parties sign the offer. Finally, we can also draft a standard Sale or Purchase contract, reflecting the terms of the Sale and Purchase offer signed by the parties.

TradeYourMark® therefore has all the expertise and experience needed to assist you, whether you want to buy or sell trademarks We work in many economic sectors, in particular in fashion, the beauty industry, the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors, the food industry or financial services.

TradeYourMark® assists its clients throughout the process of acquiring or selling trademarks. We adapt our approach and services to the needs of each client. Our services cover the brand valuation, the strategic and commercial aspects, the negotiation, the legal formalisation of the agreement reached between the parties and the registration of the transfer in Trademark Registers.


Experience in intellectual property, brand valuation expertise, commercial know-how.


Unique database of brands for sale, based on an algorithm developed by TradeYourMark®.


Support at all stages, from the initial brief to the finalisation of the transaction

Our experience

TradeYourMark®’s mission is to bring dormant brands back to life.

We provide our services both to trademark owners who want to monetise these assets and to companies who wish to purchase trademarks and relaunch them.

Our clients include individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies. We have also developed dedicated services for international companies looking for European trademarks.

TradeYourMark® is active in many different sectors, for example fashion, perfumes and cosmetics, the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry, financial services and energy.

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