Sell a brand

Why sell a brand?

Vendre une marque ou un portefeuille de marques avec TradeYourMark®

Over the years, companies may register numerous trademarks for future entities, new products or services. Sometimes these new projects do not come to fruition. In other cases, when several trademarks have been considered for a project, some registered trademarks are not used. As a result of restructuring or mergers, some registered trademarks may no longer fit your strategy or image. They become obsolete.

As a result, some companies own several dozens or hundreds of trademarks and do not have a clear strategy for managing these portfolios. They sometimes continue to renew the trademarks every 10 years, when the registration expires. This creates a significant workload as well as costs for the company’s legal department. It also contributes to the cluttering of trademarks every 10 years, when the registration expires.

All these registered trademarks are intangible assets. Companies may have an interest in monetising them by selling the trademarks before they expire. These trademarks can be of real value to companies that struggle to find an available trademark. This is particularly true if they need a legally secure trademark in a timely manner.

TradeYourMark® offers to assist you in the monetisation of your portfolio of trademarks. By doing this, you actively take part in a process aiming to upcycle trademarks.

Monetisation of your porfolio of trademarks




Why use TradeYourMark® ?

  • Companies

    Managing trademark registrations and renewals, sometimes in multiple territories, can be complex and costly. By selling trademarks you no longer need, you first of all realise the value of these assets. You can also reduce the burden and cost of managing your trademark portfolio for your legal department.

  • Agencies

    Naming or marketing agencies may also have portfolios of dormant trademarks. These can be brands that were created during a project for a client but were not ultimately selected. In some cases, they may have been registered, for example, to be protected before being tested with a focus group. Naming agencies also sometimes register trademarks that appear to have potential. An active strategy to sell these trademarks allows agencies to make the most of the creative work already done.

How does TradeYourMark® support you?

TradeYourMark® assists you in the valuation of your trademark portfolio. TradeYourMark® brings its strategic, legal and commercial expertise throughout the trademark transfer process.

Analysis of your portfolio

First, we analyse your trademark portfolio. We then propose a segmentation into homogeneous categories, for example products and services or territories covered. We make a recommendation on the blocks of trademarks that could be offered for sale. We charge a fixed fee for this first step.

Commercial strategy

On this basis, we recommend a commercial strategy. We discuss with you to understand your objectives and requirements. We also propose a methodology to value your trademarks. We charge a fixed fee for this second step.


We find buyers for your trademarks using our network of partners around the world. We negotiate with them according to your instructions, confidentially if you wish. The remuneration of TradeYourMark® is a percentage of the sale price.

Legal support

We assist you in the contractual aspects related to the sale of the trademark.  We prepare the purchase offer which formalises the agreement reached between the buyer and the seller. The signature of the purchase offer by both parties concludes the negotiation phase. We then draw up a standard purchase contract reflecting the terms of the purchase offer.  This step is subject to a fixed fee. On request, we can assist our clients until the signature of the acquisition contract

They trusted us

We serve clients in a wide range of industries. We assist small companies as well as large groups, in the industrial and service sectors. We also offer our services to naming and marketing agencies.

Amongst these clients, a large pharmaceutical group recently entrusted us with the sale of a portfolio of over 300 brands. These brands are registered in around 100 countries, particularly in Europe and South America.

We also partnership with naming agencies. These agencies own portfolios of trademarks registered during projects for clients in various sectors of activity. They now wish to sell them to realise the value of the creative work done.