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Why buy a trademark

Acheter une marque avec TradeYourMark®

Have you chosen the ideal brand to convey the image and values of your new company? Have you just found the perfect name for a new product or service? Now you are faced with a real legal headache. First, you need to make sure that there are no previous identical or similar trademarks. Then you have to file the trademark with the Trademark Registration Office. At this point, you might still need to wait several months for the Trademark Office to examine the application. Objections might be raised and you might be exposed to possible oppositions by holders of earlier trademarks.

All these obstacles disappear if, instead of creating and filing a new trademark, you buy an already registered trademark. The already registered trademark is not subject to examination by the Trademark Office and cannot be objected to or opposed. This significantly shortens the time required. In addition, you benefit from the seniority of the registered trademark, which gives you greater legal security. And of course, it can be cheaper to buy an existing trademark than to create one. 

In addition, buying a brand that has been successful in the past but is now dormant has many commercial advantages. It allows the buyer to benefit from the past brand awareness and image and build on an emotional capital and sense of nostalgia. 

TradeYourMark® helps you find an already registered but dormant trademark and assists you throughout the trademark acquisition process. 

  • We can give you access to our catalogue of “off the shelf” brands. All you need to do is send us your request. We will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement and will then send you our catalogue. 
  • We can also do an ad-hoc research based on more specific requirements, for example if you are looking for a trademark  which has had a certain brand awareness and image in the past. All you need to do is to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Innovative approach

Innovative approach

Shorter timeframe

Greater legal security

Why use TradeYourMark®?

  • You want to speed up your trademark creation process

    Our approach greatly speeds up the creation and registration of a trademark. It is therefore particularly interesting if you need a trademark quickly. It also has many advantages if you are looking to establish yourself in a new market. You can quickly find a name that is perfectly suited to the local market and culture.

  • You want to control your budget

    You donot know how to create your brand name but you do not have the budget to use a marketing or naming agency. Our approach allows you to select your brand from a list of registered trademarks, especially selected for you based in your brief, at an attractive cost. This is particularly interesting for start-ups.

  • You want to secure your business

    You have started to use a trademark without registering it and realise that there are already relatively similar registered trademarks. By purchasing the first registered trademark, you ensure that you have legal seniority over similar trademarks registered subsequently.

  • You want to capitalise on the image of a brand

    You wish to revive an old iconic brand which has now disappeared. When you buy a "sleeping beauty", you benefit immediately from its image, history and can build on a nostalgia factor when you communicate with your clients.

How does TradeYourMark® support you?

After studying your brief, we propose a selection of trademarks that fit your objectives. We then assist you through the whole process of acquisition of the selected trademark. 

Analysis of your needs

The first step in our process is to discuss with you to understand the characteristics of the brand you are looking for. Your criteria may include the class and sector of activity. You can also define, for example, the sounds, letters, words or parts of words that you would like to see in the mark. We charge a fixed fee for this first step.

Search in our trademarks database

We have developed an algorithm that cross-references many data sources to identify registered trademarks, which are potentially available. We also have portfolios of trademarks which we have been mandated to sell by clients. Based on your brief, we search our database and propose 1 to 10 names corresponding to your request. This stage is subject to a fixed fee.

Negotiation with the trademark owner

Once you have made your choice, the first step is to set the price at which you are willing to buy the trademark. We then act as an intermediary with the trademark owner. We can act confidentially if you wish. We negotiate the purchase as quickly as possible and in your best interests. TradeYourMark® is paid a percentage of the purchase price.

Legal support

We assist you in the contractual aspects related to the purchase of the trademark.  We prepare the purchase offer which formalises the agreement reached between the buyer and the seller. The signature of the purchase offer by both parties concludes the negotiation phase. We then draw up a standard purchase contract reflecting the terms of the purchase offer.  This step is subject to a fixed fee. On request, we can assist our clients until the signature of the acquisition contract.

They trusted us

We work for clients of very different sizes in various sectors, such as real estate, fashion, perfumes and cosmetics.

We assisted a public institution that wanted to acquire a previously registered trademark in the real estate sector.

Client challenges

A client who had been using a trademark for a long time without having registered it, found that similar trademarks had been registered.

The client was therefore concerned that he would not be able to register the trademark. He also wanted to avoid the risk that a third party might object to his use of the trademark.

Our approach

  • Analysis of identical or similar registered trademarks

    • Using the TradeYourMark® database, identification of an identical or similar registered trademark that had been dormant

    • Validation with the client of the relevance of the name and decision to attempt to buy the trademark from its owner

  • Negotiation

    • Negotiation with the trademark owner on a confidential basis, in accordance with the client's instructions

    • Acquisition of the trademark by TradeYourMark®.

  • Transfer of the brand to the client

    • Transfer of the trademark to the client

    • This ensures that he can continue to use the trademark in complete security. In addition, he benefits from a 10-year seniority