TradeYourMark® is active in the fashion sector.

The fashion industry in Europe is undergoing a period of rapid changes. Economic difficulties, the evolution of the forms of distribution and more recently the ethical and environmental challenges have radically changed the landscape. TradeYourMark® is supporting clients in the purchase and sale of trademarks in Class 25.

5 million people are employed in the fashion value chain in the European Union. The fashion industry is composed of multiple different sectors: clothing, leather and furs, shoes, tailoring and jewelry. 

France is the leading global country for the fashion industry, closely followed by Italy. The European fashion industry projects internationally the art of living, the know-how and the luxury image of countries such as France and Italy. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès and Cartier are amongst the best known French brands at a global level. Leading Italian fashion brands include Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.

Despite the challenges of recent years, the fashion sector remains attractive. The appetite to launch new labels and to reanimate iconic brands remains strong. Many companies internationally, are looking for European dormant fashion trademarks

Clothing is the leading sector.

The turnover of the European clothing and textile sector is around 170 billion euros.

In recent years, the sector has had to face significant challenges. During the Covid epidemic, there was a sharp decline in the volume of sales in shops, which wasn’t completed compensated by an increase in online sales. Customer behaviour has also evolved. According to YouGov’s 2021 European Fashion Report, 27% of European customers have reduced their purchase of clothing for ethical reasons.

Fashion brands

The fashion sector is creative and dynamic. According to European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) statistics, there were close to 20,000 new applications to register trademarks in Class 25 in the EU in 2023, of which over 17,000 new registrations in Class 25. Some of the existing registered trademarks are not currently utilised and may therefore be available for potential acquirers who would like to launch or relaunch the brands.

In recent years, various fashion companies such as Kookai, Camaieu, San Marina ou Cop.Copine en 2023, failed in France after being unable to adapt to the latest challenges.

But iconic brands like Mic Mac Saint-Tropez and Nylor have also been relaunched.  The challenge is then to capitalise on the image and history of the brand, whilst also trying to modernise it. Celio seized the opportunity to buy the Camaieu trademark after it ceased trading, with the objective to relaunch it in 2024. The brands Ventilo and Armand Ventilo were also bought in 2023 and should be relaunched in 2024.


TradeYourMark®’s proposition

TradeYourMark® helps clients of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to large international groups, to help breathe new life into dormant trademarks.

TradeYourMark® is well positioned to help give a second life to dormant brands. We have a large base of trademarks which we can propose to our clients, It includes:

On the one hand, trademarks without any special history, which are potentially immediately available, sometimes for prices as low as 6,000 euros. They meet the needs of clients who wish to have a brand which they can launch quickly and at a reasonable cost.

On the other hand, brands which had success in the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, but which have since disappeared. These can meet the needs of companies who want to capitalize on the image and history of an emblematic brand.  The price of such brands will depend on how well known they are and their reputation. Naturally, TradeYourMark® aims to negotiate the best conditions possible for its clients. 

We have been mandated to sell some of these trademarks by clients who want to monetise their portfolio of brands or by our partners such as intellectual property advisors and naming agencies. Others have been identified using an algorithm developed by TradeYourMark®.

TradeYourMark® client case studies

In late 2022, a European textile company asked us to carry out the following mission:

  • to search for a fashion brand, which was reasonably well known in France in the 2000s and would be aimed at women between aged 30 and 50
  • to negotiate the acquisition of the trademark on its behalf under the most favourable conditions possible, subject to a defined maximum and minimum budget