Who are we?

Our concept


Companies regularly need to create new brands for new entities, products or services. They usually start a creative process and brainstorm to find the ideal brand. This creative process can be carried out either in-house or with the help of external service providers.

Companies usually only look at the legal aspects once a brand name has been chosen. They often find that the trademark is not available or that it cannot be registered by the Trademark registration Office. This forces them to fall back on a second choice or to start the whole process again. The time lost can have serious consequences for the company. It can be incompatible with the timing of the launch planned by the marketing teams.

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TradeYourMark® solution

This situation, often observed by Stéphanie Guichot, a lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property, gave rise to the idea of TradeYourMark®: offer companies looking for a new trademark the opportunity to purchase a dormant registered trademark. This approach allows them to save time and money. It also provides them with greater legal certainty because of the seniority of the acquired trademark.

By giving a second life to these trademarks, TradeYourMark® proposes an innovative approach. It is in line with the logic of upcycling and addresses the problem of the cluttering of trademark registers. The TradeYourMark® approach provides simple and effective solutions. It is aimed at companies looking for a new trademark as well as those wishing to monetise their trademark portfolio.

In January 2023, TradeYourMark® was selected in the French Legaltech ranking of Maddyness, Banque des Territoires and Lamy Liaisons for the second year. TradeYourMark® is listed in the category Protection of intangible assets.

Our team

TradeYourMark® was created in May 2021 by Stéphanie Guichot and Corinne Legrand, two partners with complementary professional experience combine legal, strategic and technological expertise.

Stéphanie Guichot

Stéphanie Guichot has been a member of the Paris Bar since 1990. She has devoted most of her career to intellectual property law for over 30 years.

She advises, assists and represents French and international clients, particularly in the field of trademark law.

Corinne Legrand

Corinne Legrand is a graduate of HEC and holds a CAS in Applied Information Technology from ETH Zürich.

She has worked in the insurance and financial services sector for 30 years. Since 2019, she has specialised in developing innovative technological solutions for her clients.

Our strengths

We offer our clients assistance in the purchase or sale of trademarks in all sectors. We provide our professional expertise, a personalised service and support throughout the process.

  • Listening

    We listen to our clients to understand their needs and meet their expectations. For buyers, we seek to understand the specific characteristics of the brand they are looking for. For sellers, we listen to their strategic and financial objectives with the aim to sell their brands at the best price.

  • Technology

    TradeYourMark® has a unique database of dormant trademarks based on an algorithm it has developed. In addition to this in-house resource, we also have trademark portfolios that our clients have mandated us to sell. This enables us to offer you the brands that best suit your needs quickly and at a lower cost.

  • Advice & confidentiality

    We provide our clients with strategic advice on the best approach to buy a trademark or sell their brand portfolio. We identify potential sellers or acquirers and approach them. This can be on a confidential basis if you wish.

  • Legal expertise

    We offer our clients over 30 years of experience in intellectual property law. We also give them access to a network of partners around the world.

They trusted us

We work in a wide range of sectors, including fashion, food, financial services and pharmaceuticals.

One of our recent projects involved assisting a public authority in the purchase of a trademark in the property sector. In another recent project, we are assisting a pharmaceutical company in the sale of a dormant brand portfolio.