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A growing number of international companies are looking for European trademarks. The demand from Chinese companies is particularly strong.

Some international companies want to develop their business in Europe. Buying an already registered trademark has many advantages. It is quicker than creating and registering a new trademark. It can also be significantly cheaper. If the trademark has been registered for a long time, the buyer use the longevity as an element of its communication. Fron a legal point of view, the seniority of the acquired trademark gives more legal security. Buying an already registered trademark also allows to have a name which fits the local market well.

Another case is companies looking for European trademarks for products they plan to sell in their home market. They are particularly interested in sectors where European countries have a strong image, such as the French luxury sector or the Italian fashion sector. By buuying a European trademark, they can build on this image. If the trademarks have been registered for a long time, they can also capitalise on the longevity of the trademark and its history. International companies are mainly looking fro European trademarks in the sectors of fashion, beauty and wellness, dietary supplements and diet products.

TradeYourMark® has developed an activity dedicated to international clients and more specifically to chinese companies. We are active in all sectors of activity, but our offer focuses on fashion (Class 25), perfumes and cosmetics (Class 3).

First of all, clients can have access to our large base of dormant trademarks. It includes:

On the one hand, trademarks without any special history, They are available for sale immediately, with prices starting at 3.000 euros. They meet the needs of clients looking for a trademark quickly and have a limited budget.

Some companies are looking for trademarks which have been successful in the past but have now disappeared. The price of these trademarks depends on how well known they are and on their image reputation. Naturally, TradeYourMark® aims to negotiate the best conditions possible for its clients. These trademarks meet the needs of companies who want to capitalise on the image and history of iconic brands.

We have been mandated to sell portfolios of trademarks by clients or by partners such as intellectual property advisers, liquidators or naming agencies. We have also identified dormant trademarks which can be available for sale, thanks to a proprietary algorithm developed by TradeYourMark®.

We also offer an ad-hoc service to clients who cannot find suitable trademarks in our catalogue. This is in particular the case when clients are looking for trademarks which have been famous in the past and are likely to still be well-known by a spaecific customer target. In these more tailored projects, we discuss and analyse with the client the characteristics of the trademark he is looking for.   We then do a specific research and propose un to 10 trademarks. If the client is interested in one of these trademarks, we negotiate with the owner, within the linits set by the client. 

TradeYourMark® client case studies

We are regularly contacted by chinese companies. They are looking for immediately available trademarks in the sectors of:

  • cosmetics
  • perfumes
  • dietary supplements